Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nothing to see here...

One of Iain Dale's/Nadine Dorries mates at the Daily Mail has apparently uncovered a secret whipping operation by Harriet Harman and a cohort of women MPs (and there's a phrase I never thought I'd write). Not in a Max Mosley vein, obviously....

Nad writes:
Simon Walter’s has proved today that investigative journalism is alive and well. Simon rang me the day after the vote to tell me that he had been given information that Harriett Harman had organised a huge whipping operation after the abortion vote. He wouldn’t disclose any details, however, I did get the feeling that maybe his information had come from Labour MPs as there was no way I, or any other Conservative, would have access to that kind of information.

Oddly, only a few days previously, she wrote that
A Labour MP took me to one side last night and gave me the Labour whipping instructions for today.

The crux of the story is that Harriet Harman apparently whipped the Labour vote through the lobbies to block Nad's proposals. Hmmm. The votes weren't whipped by the Labour Party - a number of parliamentary whips voted with their consciences and weren't required to resign - all that happened was that a committed group of campaigners persuaded others to vote in a particular way. Kinda similar to what Nadine herself was doing.

But Nadine hasn't politicised the debate. Not at all - not even by making the point that 83% of Tory MPs voted for 22 weeks while 80% of Labour MPs voted against. It is all Harriet's fault.

It truly is a Nad, Nad World.

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