Friday, May 23, 2008

Send in the cronies

In a new dawn for the GLA building, as Ken's cronies leave their shiny, Thames-side offices, they are immediately replaced by...

A whole new army of Boris' mates. Including the REAL 'operational' mayor - 'cos Boris can't be trusted to look after the job, not now he's got his newspaper column to write again and he's still MP for Henley. Well, he has to fill the time in somehow. Boris still believes that he'll negotiate a no-strike deal with the unions, especially with this former-Trotskyite turned union-basher in charge. There is not a hope in hell of that happening, not with the staunch left-winger Bob Crowe in charge of the RMT - so left wing, they've even parted company with the Labour Party. It seems also that there are concerns as to whether Boris has overstepped the mark legally - the Labour leader on the GLA is thinking of taking legal advice.

What does seem to be the case is that Londoners - for whatever reason (temporary loss of sanity is a good bet) - elected Boris as their mayor, but will end up with a rag tag bunch of Boris' mates actually doing the work (some for free, apparently, and others on decent six figure sums - all paid for by the taxpayer). Forgive me, but where were those people on Boris' manifesto?
Hat tip - Chris Paul.

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