Friday, May 23, 2008

She's off again.

'There will not be one hint of triumphalism or complacency from this Conservative Party'
David Cameron, BBC Radio Five Live, 10:46am 23 May

Nadine Dorries MP, ranting 2:55pm 23 May

She doesn't write a blog, as she doesn't grace us with the ability to comment or even to link to individual postings. Dreary Alden's rather similar. What are they scared of?

Anyway, Jacqui isn't arrogant or unpleasant - I've got a lot of time for her. She's a very competent Home Secretary and an excellent local MP. I can understand why she and Nadine don't see eye to eye - one's an intelligent, leading politician and the other's a useless idiot with a blue rosette attached.

While you're at it - witness Unity's thorough kicking of the half truths that constituted the great Nad's address to Parliament this week. The boy's good. Very good.

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