Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Still mad and dangerous

Nadine Dorries just can't help herself. She got into a discussion in the Grauniad on feminism and queried whether we would have equal pay - or at least more equal pay - without feminism as so many more women are in top jobs now. The fact that the feminist movement may have helped accomplish that doesn't occur to her. But that isn't the depth of her wisdom, oh no.
The feminist discussion is just not something that I major in. But I know personally, I look at my daughters who pay half when they go out [on a date] with someone and I think, 'They never did that in my day'. I'm purely selfish about this, to be honest with you."

As selfish as she is about other things.

Making a controversial film about Christian fanatics like unChristian Voice and the like is really like shooting ichthys in a barrel. Like the BNP, they can appear rational on the surface right up until they tell you that the planet is 4000 years old and get all defensive when things like the fossil record is pointed out and cite the Bible as evidence, pooh-poohing the scientific establishment. The programme included a fundamentalist school where the science exam for infants asks (and this is serious) how many days it took God to create the world. Channel Four pointed a camera at a bunch of this lot and showed the results on Monday night. They included a big mate of Nadine's - one Andrea Williams, the public policy director of the Lawyers Christian Fellowship and another of the wingnut religious bigots. It was almost the end of the programme when we had a rare moment of joy. Sitting on a bench beside the Thames after the launch of Mad Nad's anti-abortion crusade, the reporter asked what the MP thought of the anti-Islamic sentiments expressed by Williams and others (there is common ground with the BNP here as well). As Andrea fumbled out a vague response, Nadine's face was an absolute picture - you could almost hear her internal voice whimpering 'Oh shit' as her carefully-constructed image was battered as a result of proximity to such bigotry. That's before we even consider Williams' expressed views on homosexuality (predictably, she's not a big fan) and countless other little foibles.

Incidentally, Nadine turned up on the Daily Politics complaining that the Commons Science & Technology Committee only got to hear from pro-abortion witnesses until she found a couple of tame antis to appear. Nadine, this might be because the vast majority of medical and scientific witnesses believe that. This is a little like the climate-change cynics demanding equal air time, when this would actually be a misrepresentation of the balance of scientific opinion, which gives their views little credence.

Incidentally, Tim at Bloggerheads links to the YouTube file links - Nad's embarassment can be seen at the end of part 5. The whole thing is worth watching, because these are people with a mission - they want to follow the lead of the Christian right in the US and get some sort of grip on the levers of power. And as I've noted before, there are Tories prepared to tap into that powerbase.

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Nibbs said...

that Dispatches programme scared the crap out of me and i'm not just on about the obvious nutters. The government approved faith school was a real eye opener...