Friday, June 20, 2008

Do not forsake me oh Lord Rennard

Oh dear.

We had an ill-founded case staged by the Liberal Democrats in Birmingham over allegations that a Labour candidate lied about his opponent on electoral material. Now it seems that the Liberal Democrats themselves are in trouble over a glossy leaflet masquerading as a local magazine for the county set.

The Conservatives are threatening two separate legal actions against the Lib Dems over the Henley by-election. They have written to the Lib Dems over allegations concerning a local community hospital, which they say their candidate has always supported. Unless they receive a retraction by noon, the Tories say they reserve the right to issue a writ.

High noon approaches.
Although gunslinger Dave Cameron shot off early.
We are suing the Liberal Democrats over this so I think we will be in court
There are two issues at stake - whether the Tory candidate has always supported a local community hospital. The Lib Dems say:
Claims by the Conservative campaign that their candidate assisted in the campaign to save Henley's Townlands Hospital are in tatters having been refuted by independent Townlands Campaigners. BOTH the current and former Chairs of the Townlands Hospital Steering Group have issued statements denying any contribution into the campaign by John Howell, despite Conservative leaflets claiming otherwise
The Tories say - retract or face the consequences.
BoJo is also angry that the same leaflet apparently misuses his image in an attempt to mislead voters.

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