Saturday, July 05, 2008

To lose one advisor is unfortunate...

First, James McGrath had to go after suggesting that the ethnic minorities in London could just 'go home' if they didn't like the new mayor.

Now, Ray Lewis has resigned after that well-known left-wing subversive group, the Church of England, confessed that he was suspended from serving as a vicar over issues to do with parishioners' money that spent rather too long 'resting in his account' - yeah, we've heard that from a churchman before....

A statement released by the Bishop of Chelmsford - that well-known leftie radical - on Thursday morning was withdrawn after a phone call from the Mayor's office threatening legal action and BoJo stood beside his Deputy Mayor defending him as a fine, upstanding man who was a magistrate and therefore beyond reproach.

24 hours later and Ray has to do the same walk to the rostrum, but alone this time, as the defence failed miserably. His Tory media handlers throw him unceremoniously to the wolves as it emerges that not only was he suspended as a vicar, but he's also not quite a magistrate either. Curiously, although his appointed role was to deal with youth issues, it seems that he hadn't been through an enhanced criminal records check either.

I commented when Boris got the job that the only way he'd avoid making a pig's ear of the whole thing was if Central Office packed good people around him to do the donkey work and leave BoJo to hog the limelight. It looks increasingly as though they've failed in this task and the most senior elected Conservative in the country is floundering within a few weeks of taking office. At this rate, he'll have lost his entire team by the autumn.
Ask yourself - What Would Dougal Do?

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