Tuesday, August 05, 2008

More on Whitby

According to Paul Dale, Mike Whitless' self-aggrandising piece published in the Post last week was ghost-written by a freelance journalist (who should be ashamed of themself for producing that dross). Even more scary is the revelation that the original piece - before Whitless' PR people got their hands on it - was even more dramatic and overblown than that published
It was not a good idea to begin by comparing the collapse of MG Rover with the assassination of President Kennedy and the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington as “news so stunning that it brings our entire world to a halt”
Aside from the fact that the piece is so poorly written that I did briefly consider that Whitby may have written it himself, I wonder how much of Birmingham council taxpayers' money was wasted on this piece of PR puffery. Surely the combined brains of the PR team on the council could have written something suitable? Or is the story of Whitby too important to be entrusted to the council wage-slaves?

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charlie said...

Most of the Media Office was badly hit by Single Status so I doubt if they would have demonstrated the correct level of enthusiasm.