Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sweet Home Alabama

If you can't tell the difference between these two pictures

Then you are either work for Birmingham City Council or you are a Tory MEP.

A leaflet from Birmingham City Council thanking residents for recycling actually carried a picture of Birmingham, Alabama - a fine city, no doubt, but not significantly responsible for recycling in Birmingham, UK. Rather than putting their hands up and admitting a schoolboy error, a council spokesman guffed that

The picture on the leaflet is meant to symbolically represent an urban area.

So there were no pictures of Birmingham to symbolically represent Birmingham, then? There's nothing in the stock photo section to stop a designer trawling the web instead?

Or are the Tories just ashamed of Birmingham?

By the way, Mike - our city is shown in the top picture, in case you'd forgot.


Anonymous said...

Yes because the production of recycling leaflets get top level council supervision. Its a civil servent cock up, live with it.

Mrs Blogs said...

Presumably the civil servants who work for the council live locally? Do they not know their own city?

PoliticalHack said...

And the buck stops where? Funny how if a civil servant cocks up, the Labour ministers get it in the neck from the Tories. But the 'ruling' coalition can escape censure when a civil servant in Birmingham Council cocks up - and embarrasses our city as the national press get to run a hardy perennial of the silly season - an insulting 'stupid Brum' story? Nope.

Danivon said...

Why on earth were they sending out a leaflet to every house in the city to promote recycling in the first place?

How much paper did that use up, and how much if it went straight into the (non-recycling) bin?