Friday, August 15, 2008

Why Obama is going to win


Take a look at this.

A 3 pointer on the first try. If he'd missed, that would have been on a constant loop on the news channels, but instead he's cheered by adoring men and women in the service of their country.

When things go your way, things REALLY go your way. And he's outscoring McCain by 6 to 1 on donations from the military - remarkable for any Democrat, let alone one with no foreign policy experience.

In comparison, McCain just looks stilted. In fairness, that is largely due to injuries sustained during his imprisonment by the North Vietnamese, but the effect is that it makes him look every one of his 70-odd years. Compare Obama's athleticism with this rather embarrassing photo-opportunity showing McCain helping someone with their shopping - an image ruined as tins fall around him.

But to conclude, I am indebted to the fine folk at B3TA for seeking out this little gem. Who would have thought that Obama could duet so well with Rick Astley.

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