Sunday, September 07, 2008

Court Report

For the past few years, the Liberal Democrats have assured anyone that would listen that they had no problems with the millions that they 'acquired' from Michael Brown - currently a fugitive from charges of fraud, money-laundering and perverting the course of justice. The money didn't rest in their accounts very long before it had been spent on posters and other election costs.

Despite what you may hear from Liberal Democrats, the Electoral Commission have never closed their investigation into the matter and may yet require the return of the money. That will be decided when the criminal investigation is concluded - which may be a long time, given the disappearance of Mr Brown earlier this summer.

Now, it seems that one of Mr Brown's victims/creditors isn't prepared to wait and will launch legal action this week to recover over £600,000 of what he believes to be his money. Mr Brown's trial starts on the 15th September, nicely timed to coincide with their conference.

Anyone know a good lawyer?

John Hemming need not apply.

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