Monday, September 15, 2008

Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

It also flows through the Birmingham Council Chamber.

Yea, even while Dave flies to visit disappearing glaciers and persuades environmentalists that blue is the new green, a few dinosaurs deny the climate change theories that have the overwhelming support of world science. Such fine environmental brains as Cllr Keith Barton, who has opined
that estimates of huge economic, environmental and social damage from changing weather patterns resembled something that National Lottery clairvoyant Mystic Meg might have written. Coun Barton (Con Longbridge) dismissed a scrutiny committee report by sustainability director Sandy Taylor, which warned that Birmingham has until 2011 to respond more effectively if threats posed by global warming are to be reversed. He said: “Aston Villa could win the championship, but sadly they probably won’t.“Let’s have some facts here, not visions and dreams. We could have got Mystic Meg to have written this.... “We can’t even predict the weather three days ahead. It’s said that we are going to turn into a desert, but there’s not much sign of that happening yet.”
Keith obviously reads different short term forecasts from the rest of us. Mine forecasts sunny intervals for the next couple of days. Sad, really, that he can't tell the difference between individual events and long-term trends.

He isn't alone, though, as fellow Tory councillor Len Clark derided climate change as a politically correct invention of the usual left-wing Liberal-Labour mob and we all know that Cllr Len Gregory, the Tory cabinet member for transportation, is fearlessly pro-car. And Deirdre Alden, whose husband owns a nice Jag with the personalised plate B17 TAX, was also focussed on car drivers, demanding more park and ride to reduce traffic jams.
We have the Hagley Road which gets totally bunged up with people coming off the M5, and they leave their cars in Edgbaston because they won’t pay the parking costs in the city centre.It is a horrendous problem, which park and ride would do something about. So why don’t you just get on and do it?

Well, Dreary, why don't you just ask Len? Remember that all this funding has to come from the council and your family group alone provides three votes that support it.


Reginald Number said...

Can I ask what business it is of yours to publish an individual's car registration number in the public domain?

Coun Alden's car registration will have some form of security clearance within Birmingham City Council, you have now compromised these arrangements.

Reckless stupidity.

Tell me why you've never been elected by the people of Acocks Green.

Anonymous said...

Well why did "The Grauniad" print it - see the link!

Jag Uar said...

I couldn't care less what that rag prints, it doesn't not give John O' Shea - a member of the Birmingham Labour Party - the right to reproduce it.

John O'Shea has previous when it comes to bandying about the private living arrangements of Conservative councillors.

In a sea of nasty, vicious, socialists, this wannabe/nevergonnabe merchant is without doubt the worst.

The Labour Party should take him off their approved candidate list.

PoliticalHack said...

Reggie - I didn't publish the number first. The Grauniad did and I don't think that my limited readership can quite match the 350,000 people who buy the Guardian or the 1.2 million who read it. If you want security, driving a car with a personalised plate isn't the way to be subtle.

Of course, your councillor's addresses and details of property that they own are published, but feel free to blame me for compromising security, so spare me the false indignation.

Jag: I don't think I've bandied about private living arrangements that aren't public knowledge already. Please show me where I have. Really. Curiously, some of the things I know that would embarrass public figures don't make it into print because I don't think that they are relevant.

My membership of the Labour Party isn't a secret - it never has been. Whether I remain on the candidates' list is up to them.