Saturday, September 13, 2008

Please, stop helping

I'm not sure when I voted for Charles Clarke to become the conscience of the Labour Party. I don't think it came up at conference last year and we haven't voted on it since. Similarly, Siobhan McDonagh and now George Howarth. If anyone knows who appointed them as party executioners, could they let me know? I'm just interested.

Over the past week, I've spent a fair bit of time with party activists in private meetings - the people who will be expected to lead the ground war in the next election and deliver victories for our MPs. Whatever noises you are hearing from the barmier reaches of the parliamentary party, goaded on by a media desperate to feed their storylines, there is no desire at all within the West Midlands Labour Party membership to dump Gordon Brown.

Clearly, Charles, Siobhan and George believe that a Conservative government led by the cream of Eton will do a better job than a Labour government. There can be no other logical reason why they would start this stupid fight now. The Channel Four poll during the week showed that about three quarters of the electorate in key battleground seats think we're divided and all the evidence from the 80s, 90s and the first part of this century show that the electorate will not vote for divided parties - the Tories and Labour can both vouch for that. That same C4 poll indicated that the electorate don't believe that changing Gordon will make one iota of difference. There's nobody better qualified to guide this country through the current economic storms.

I wrote something similar on The Stirrer last night and Fergus, a Tory activist, wrote in reply
I know exactly what's happening, I've been there myself. The hard-working activists and ordinary party members on the ground are tearing their hair out as the parliamentary party tries its damndest to press the self-destruct button at every opportunity. Welcome to the Tory Party circa 1995. Put another way - welcome to political hell for the next 10 years. Your MP's can't learn the lessons of history, and things are to far along for it to make any difference now.

And you know what - he could well be right.

So, thanks Charles, Siobhan and George. Really well done.

Perhaps you thought you were going to help the government out of the current mire in which it is stranded. All you have done is push it further in.

Really - please stop helping.


charlie said...

I found this a very depressing post, with its emphasis on party rather than country.

You write, as if it were a certain fact 'There's nobody better qualified to guide this country through the current economic storms'.

Ah, the arrogance of power!

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Wot charlie said. I'm staggered that you think it's more important that Labour continues to lead with a 10-year plan for lagging as their flagship policy when the economy is in down the pan and we're engaged in multiple wars (that THEY put us in.)

Labour isn't working, and it never did. It only gave the semblence of working because of what they really inherited from the Tories: a massively strong economy. Now that the economy has collapsed, New Labour are exposed as the gimcrack charlatans they always were.

Gordon's new clothes show the poverty of his offering.

Stewart said...

"That same C4 poll indicated that the electorate don't believe that changing Gordon will make one iota of difference."

But prior to his becoming leader, polling indicated that Brown would, at best, barely improve Labour's fortunes. And then he became leader, and Labour not only caught up with the Tories but went racing ahead. Any suitably fresh leader would have a honeymoon period, and if they called a snap election Labour would stand a good chance of winning. A new leader who actually brought some new, progressive, constructive policies to the table would deliver a landslide. Brown is now too tainted to win.

"There's nobody better qualified to guide this country through the current economic storms."

Oh please. He did nothing to repair the damage done by the Tories or rebuild the economic base of the country, he just let the credit bubble keep growing. This is a man whose entire economic strategy rested on giving independence to the Bank of England, the most stupid thing any Chancellor has done in the past seventy-seven years. He had a golden opportunity to scrap Thatcherism: He didn't, and now we're going to have to endure its very painful collapse.