Tuesday, October 21, 2008

George gets the begging bowl out

It seems that George Osborne's indiscrete claims of what Mandy dripped into his ear during a cosy dinner have offended his host, so much so that Nat Rothschild - not previously known for being a Labour supporter - has written to the Times to drop George in it up to his neck.

Not once in the acres of coverage did you mention that George Osborne, who also accepted my hospitality, found the opportunity of meeting with Mr Deripaska so good that he invited the Conservatives' fundraiser Andrew Feldman, who was staying nearby, to accompany him on to Mr Deripaska's boat to solicit a donation. Since Mr Deripaska is not a British citizen, it was suggested by Mr Feldman, in a subsequent conversation at which Mr Deripaska was not present, that the donation was "channelled" through one of Mr Deripaska's British companies. Mr Deripaska declined to make any donation.

Obviously, the Tories have denied that they solicited any donation to be channelled through a front company in the UK. Mr Deripaska's 'people' have spoken to Nick Robinson and have claimed that Deripaska did not initiate the subject at all. Despite the Tory denials, Robert Peston claims - with some authority - that there are others who can stand the Rothschild side of the story up and would be prepared to do so in court.

If it had been a matter of a donation being offered and refused, then there would be no story, as this would have been the proper response. The problem for Gideon is that he seems to have invited Andrew Feldman - Cameron's right-hand man, a fundraiser for the party and not a guest of Mr Rothschild - specifically to join a meeting with the Russian billionaire. That makes the whole Tory side of the story distinctly peculiar and must call into question Osborne's position.

This morning, listeners to the Today programme were treated to Nick Clegg giving his response to the matter. The Liberal Democrats, of course, still haven't got around to repaying that illegal donation from Michael Brown (still wanted by the police after he absconded prior to trial), claiming that they've spent it, so Cleggy is ideally placed to comment on dodgy donations.

Oh - and happy birthday Peter!

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Robert said...

And now we hear labour has been chasing him as well, mud sticks shit smells and this is a big pile of shitty mud.