Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Oh, don't you just love the data security of the BNP?

The highlight of the day was listening to Nasty Nick Griffin being interviewed on the Today programme, when he announced that the BNP was considering action under the Human Rights Act to protect the privacy of their members. The irony that the BNP have consistently opposed the HRA was lost on him.

The Times has plotted membership by postal district and this reveals that areas of higher deprivation have higher BNP membership
only 5 per cent of the party’s members live in areas with high Asian populations and only 2 per cent in areas with larger Afro-Caribbean communities. Eighteen per cent are from white working-class areas... BNP membership is higher in areas that have average or above-average deprivation. As opposed to the 22 per cent of BNP members who live in areas with above-average deprivation, only 16 per cent live in the least-deprived areas

There's the odd member that claims a knighthood - but doesn't appear in any record of knights of the realm - and the handful of members with eastern European names, who don't really seem to have grasped that the BNP isn't noted for being supportive of intra-European migration. One of the local members is listed as a 'private detective.' We all thought he was enough of a dick in public...

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