Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Debtor Crunch

The economy's difficult at the moment, but the fine folk at Birmingham City Council will stop at nothing to recover their outstanding housing debts.

Although the government recommends that debts should be recovered through benefit payments - a low cost and effective method - the council persists in sending in the bailiffs to extract their pound of flesh.

A correspondent informs me what happens when the lead agency, Equita, return the 'Council Tax Liability Order' to the finance department with the words 'No Effects' attached. This means that the person named on the order has nothing worth taking. But the council don't stop there. Rather than make an attachment of benefit payments, a SECOND firm of bailiffs - Jacobs - are being deployed to check that Equita did the job properly in the first place.

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Robert said...

People vote these ass holes in, then they have to put up with it.