Friday, November 28, 2008

Most curious.

Seems very odd to me that Damian Green - apparently the Tory spokesman on immigration (now that Enoch has shuffled off this mortal coil) - has been arrested on suspicion of 'conspiring to commit misconduct in public office.'

Now, while there are some Tories who need to be locked up for the safety of the general public, this looks downright odd.

The BBC cites four incidents included in the investigation of a Home Office junior official.
  • The November 2007 revelation that the home secretary knew the Security Industry Authority had granted licences to 5,000 illegal workers, but decided not to publicise it.
  • The February 2008 news that an illegal immigrant had been employed as a cleaner in the House of Commons.
  • A whips' list of potential Labour rebels in the vote on plans to increase the pre-charge terror detention limit to 42 days.
  • A letter from the home secretary warning that a recession could lead to a rise in crime.
Now, in fairness, the first two seem to be reasonable matters of public interest to me. If this is the sort of information that has led to the arrest of an MP, then this strikes me as a load of cobblers. The Guardian added a few more items to the list, but it hardly seems worth the level of investigation and a dramatic arrest and questioning of a serving MP. This story has some distance to run yet, I suspect.

Of far more concern to me is the mole in the Treasury that seems to be leaking to Osborne's team. The Guardian ran with this speculative story, but I've been wondering for a while. The fact that the Tories seem to regularly announce policies a couple of days before Labour and I've not been convinced that this is simply down to Gordon and Alistair following the Tory agenda - it just seems too coincidental.

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