Tuesday, December 16, 2008

All going swimmingly

After the storm in a paddling pool over the weekend regarding how Birmingham wasn't going to pay for a new Olympic pool, Whitless has learnt the backstroke. He's jumped into the middle of the row and told the developers to go back to the drawing board and not to be so silly as to ask for £60 million.

The Post described this as a 'dramatic intervention' - while less kind souls would say that he's finally read the report on which he had been meaningfully consulted only a few days ago. He may have conned Patrick Burns into making a puff piece for Midlands Today, but reality has dawned in the shallow end of the council leadership. Whitby will renegotiate the deal and get a better one!

Saith Whitless
Any quote received three months ago needs to be torn up and thrown away. We are in a different environment where the power of purchasing gives the public sector an advantage
Right. Except that there is no quote, because there are no plans outside of Whitby's mind. And in any case, I would hope that this would go out to tender, not just to asking for three quotes from local builders Bodgett & Scarper, some bloke down the pub and a mate of a mate who does a bit of DIY. I still think that it is a lot to ask to get two new suburban pools and a 50m competition venue for the £30 million currently available.

Meanwhile, Ray Hassall - possibly a Lib Dem, possibly a Conservative, depending on whether you trust the BBC - added that
there were no plans to save money by closing pools
While a council spokesperson was a little less certain
The planning really hasn’t got to that stage yet,” said Shahid Naqvi. “We’re just looking at the feasibility of several options.”

The operative word here is yet.

The only real plan here is, as the Post pointed out last week, to keep a stream of stories flowing, regardless of whether any of them come to fruition.

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