Sunday, December 14, 2008


According to the Birmingham Post, 12 December 2008 (online on the 11 December).
Last night senior Conservative councillor John Alden, chairman of the leisure, sport and culture scrutiny committee, said he knew nothing of the plans, how much the pool would cost or how it would be funded. He told Birmingham Post he would have to attend the cabinet meeting on Monday.
According to the Cabinet documents published on the internet 11 December 2008

3. Compliance Issues:
3.2 Have relevant Ward and other Members / Officers been properly and meaningfully consulted on this report?
The Leader, Cabinet Members for Leisure, Sport and Culture, Regeneration and the Chairman of Overview and Scrutiny Co-ordinating Committee, together with
Chairman of Overview and Scrutiny Committee for Leisure Sport and Culture have been consulted.
Given that Cllr Alden is that chairman - how can both these statements be true? As the O&S committee met only on the 10th December, wouldn't that have been an ideal opportunity to mention it?

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