Saturday, January 10, 2009

For everything else, there's Master Whitless

It seems that the eyesore of a big TV screen in Victoria Square - entirely out of keeping with the surroundings and a nuisance to those in neighbouring businesses - has racked up a bill exceeding £1 million even before it has been switched on.

Local offices didn't appreciate the siting and pointed out that the council had failed to follow its own planning guidance. Defending the judicial review and the additional costs of the resite pushed the costs into seven figures and Paul Dale reveals that the blasted thing is only in the Square because Whitless wanted the Council House as the backdrop when the TV cameras covered the crowds gathering in the Square to watch national events.

The thing should be switched on over the next few weeks, more than a year late.

The next big question is - who gets the remote control?

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Anonymous said...

Sthe Yardley Labour candidate going to be then?