Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Change of plan

I was going to write about the piece in the Guardian on Cameron today, but I really don't feel like it.

There aren't words to describe this gut-wrenching, gnawing fear that must affect every parent from time to time. Nothing can ever terrify me as much as the thought of losing one of my children, but I can't pretend to know how Cameron and his family feel today. All anyone can do is to offer sympathy at a time when words cannot convey the depth of sadness that must be over the family now. It is right that party hostilities were suspended today. There are things that matter more than chucking a few words across the gangway of the Commons in the hope of scoring points on the news bulletins.

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Robert said...

I wonder how many children died yesterday with the same problems or this week, yet I bet the mothers and father did not get half the help that Mr Cameron got.

Yes it's sad yes it even sadder that these politicians are going to make it a dam sight harder for the disabled and parents of disabled kids, so I keep my sorrow for those that deserve it.

hard as nail or just thinking here for the grace of god go I.