Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Meals on Wheels Update

Hot off the Birmingham Post press....

The politician responsible for running Birmingham social services was forced to withdraw from a debate yesterday into her plan to phase out the council-run meals on wheels service after being implicated in helping to promote a private sector fast food alternative. Sue Anderson acted on legal advice and did not take part in a cabinet discussion. Her decision followed an incident earlier in the year when Liberal Democrat activists in her Sheldon ward distributed thousands of leaflets advertising Wiltshire Foods - a firm which offers daily deliveries of hot and cold foods to housebound people.

Earlier on in the day, John Hemming claimed that this leaflet did not compromise her ability to take decisions on this matter.

Legal experts disagree.

Sir Albert Bore also weighed into the debate.

We will see individuals facing huge increases in the cost of food delivered to their homes whether they are receiving hot or frozen meals. There is a client group out there that this council wll be putting at risk. I see this as a question of priorities. These people have to be a long-term priority for the council.

You heard it here first.

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