Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Welcoming our newest member

I'd like to welcome Terry Hipsey, lately Tory leader of Thurrock Council, to the Labour Party.

We welcome all converts, no matter how late. He's quit the party over tax:
I cannot justify David Cameron's decision to make his number one priority in a recession a tax cut, which would give hundreds of thousands of pounds to millionaires, but do nothing for the vast majority of Thurrock families

Last weekend, we had that loose cannonball, Ken Clarke, rumbling around the gundeck claiming that the inheritance tax giveaway had been downgraded from a firm commitment to an 'aspiration.' After Osborne and the attack dogs had a quiet word, Ken altered course and admitted misspeaking, causing Tory High Command to scattergun on-message shadow cabinet members around the news media.

It is a striking indictment of the new, modernised Conservatives that in the depths of a recession, one of their solid policy commitments is to give a billion pound tax break to the 3000 richest families in the country - a tax break that can only be funded by cutting services to those of us further down the ladder.

Same as it ever was...


Anonymous said...

How can the Tories inheritance tax proposals give hundreds of thousands to millionares?

The millionaire would be dead!

They can't enjoy the cash six foot under!!!

Bob Piper said...

Well, I don't mind him becoming a member. But he should resign his seat and fight a by-election if he wants to be a Labour councillor.