Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wheels within Meals grind slowly

And so the story goes.

It now appears that the staff in the Meals Direct service have been ordered into silence over their future, but there has been a joint statement about how their service - still cheaper than the one recommended by the Liberal Democrats - has been starved of funds and ignored.
"The council won’t give us any funding because they clearly want this unit closed down. We accept that the service does need to change but they won’t put their hands in their pockets to allow this to happen... What we cannot accept is that meals are of a poor quality. That hurts.. When our drivers have represented our service at open days they have been told by social services staff that they have not heard of us and have been told for years to refer potential customers to private sector suppliers.”

No real surprise, when the Cabinet Member in charge of the service can't even recommend it to her constituents.

John Hemming has been explaining how the Liberal Democrat team selected their chosen provider. According to a post on 'The Stirrer,' it came about through a rigorous selection process whereby one user recommended them. One user is enough to generate a mailshot reaching 45,000 homes?

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