Monday, April 20, 2009

Bear defecates in woods shock

In a shock move, the BNP has admitted that its membership includes "oddballs", "Walter Mitty characters", "compulsive liars" and "born troublemakers."

Actually, we knew that already, but it is nice to have it confirmed from the very heart of the beast. Also good to know that the party hierarchy - such as it is - has such a high opinion of the membership. Curiously, the handbook also adds that

"the BNP does not allow members or units to run websites or blogs... which give the impression of being official BNP operations"

This is odd, because there is an intermittent blog called the Birmingham Patriot (sic), which includes pictures of BNP events and publicises their publications and their local leaders, including Simon Darby, who tops the West Midlands BNP list for this June's European elections. Yet the BNP's South Birmingham organiser, one Mike Bell, admitted on The Stirrer that
the whole site is new to me (and i appear on it too).I can't therefore deny or confirm if it is an officia Bnp site or not.

Obviously, the site should disappear forthwith, as official BNP policy is as it does not allow them to run such sites, members should instead disguise their true allegiance and
set up political sites which appear to be totally independent of any political party, including ours

Why? Because these
apparently independent sites exposing the wrongdoings and failings of the old parties and making subtly favourable reference to the BNP, will be much more attractive and convincing to the wider public than sites which are clearly ours

Well, we wouldn't want people to get any idea of the truth about the BNP, now would we?

Meanwhile, Simon has been off to Italy to hob nob with fellow fascists, including an Italian MEP with a conviction for associating with members of the fascist terror group that blew up Bologna railway station in 1980 - still the biggest postwar terror attack in Europe. A member of the BNP associating with thugs and terrorists? Home away from home.

Simon gets around a bit, for when he's not running around the West Midlands spreading hate in a truck or chatting with fascists, he found time to meet up with 'Nasty' Nick Griffin to take advantage of the weekend's St George's Day parade in Sandwell, demonstrating that patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel and taking maximum political advantage of a non-political event.

Incidentally, in a rare move on my part, I commend to you to the BNP website at the moment, where you have the opportunity to bid for a hand drawn portrait of Nick Griffin (I kid you not) that not even the Franklin Mint would dare to sell (if they were interested in starting a line in fascist memorabilia). Currently under offer at just £228, it would make an ideal addition to any dartboard.

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