Thursday, April 23, 2009

£20 million - not out

But hey, at least the elderly folks can rest easily, knowing that their cash will be going to a good cause after Whitless rubberstamped a £20 million investment in Edgbaston cricket ground and then disappeared off to the ballet in London together with the cabinet member for leisure services to avoid being questioned over it by his elected colleagues.

The scrutiny committee took umbrage at this high-handed treatment of their call-in of this decision and immediately ruled it to be a 'no ball', forcing the Cabinet to think again. A far more serious threat to the great Edgbaston Giveaway came from the planning committee, which blocked the £32 million proposals and sent the Bears back to the drawing board.

No wonder Lynne Jones has proposed that the £20 million could be better spent on funding new council houses for the people of Birmingham sat on the everlasting waiting list.

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