Sunday, April 26, 2009

Free(bie) South Africa!

So David Cameron was another one who took the Strategy Network International shilling, was he?

SNI was a front organisation for the apartheid regime in South Africa, supported by various mining, finance and defence interests in Southern Africa and specialised in inviting MPs and others on all-first-class expenses paid trips to the tribal homelands, where then South African government saw fit to dump black people.

Others known to have been involved with SNI include MPs Neil Hamilton and Michael Colvin, who both got into trouble for not declaring paid 'consultancies' with that organisation. Derek Laud, later to gain notoriety as a contestant on Big Brother, went along with Dave. Which must have been fun for both of them. Laud is infamous for his membership of the extremely right-wing Tory group, the Monday Club (which at one point called for repatriation to become party policy).

This revelation doesn't indicate racism on Cameron's part - I just think it shows extraordinarily bad judgement on his part, to take advantage of a freebie holiday without considering that it was being paid for by a lobbying group close to (at the very least) the vile apartheid government. Of course, the PM at the time was known to be opposed to sanctions against the regime and Cameron has now apologised for the policy that he and his party had at the time.

Just another misjudgement from Dave on his path to the top.

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