Tuesday, May 12, 2009

And now for the Lib Dems

Showing an even hand in their bitch-slapping of MPs, the Telegraph is moving on from Labour and the Tories to that little-known bunch of whiter than white oppositionalists, the Lib Dems. This could be entertaining.

By the way, if you are an MP who has 'flipped' your main residence for the purpose of spending your allowances on maintenance or enhancing your home(s), then I don't really care which party you come from - you've lost your moral authority to lecture anyone on matters of finance. Full stop. If you've made thumping profits at public expense, then you've shattered ethical standards, even if everything you have done is within the technicalities of the rules.

It appears that Yardley's very own John Hemming - the multi-millionaire - made sure to spend his £400 a month parliamentary food allowance every money. Even during the summer recess when he wasn't away in London. But that's OK - he's going to ask his constituency executive (I wonder how many of them have or still work for him?) if he should donate the money to charity instead. On the Stirrer, he wrote
The question, however, is what "the right thing" is.The DFA (Department of Finance and Administration) told my wife to claim this sum all year round. In practise I do spend more than the sum claimed, but on an annual basis not a month by month basis. Hence it is not that straightforward.I would rather not have the money than have money that is unethical. It may be easiest just to pay it to local charities and have done with it.

Actually, John, it IS straightforward. If the money obtained was not related to your parliamentary activities, then it should be repaid to parliament, not given away to a local charity.

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john said...

I have now checked it out. It applies to the financial year. It is just that I had heard all sorts of odd things from Labour MPs who had claimed the full amount and wanted to check.