Monday, May 04, 2009

Hazel's right (not something I say very often) - we're not presenting ourselves in the best light to the electorate and we're not getting our message across properly, but we don't do that by ignoring the new media. Quite the reverse - the internet is an excellent method for getting information across to the majority, without the filter imposed by the media. However, we mustn't ignore the traditional means - we still need to talk to the significant minority who don't have that access and that is best done by the traditional methods of doorstep and telephone canvassing. Neither method should exclude the other and we also need to ensure that the best people are used for each task. (Derek Draper need not apply to coordinate our internet campaigns).

Charles isn't right. If you are ashamed of being a Labour MP, then stop being one. Simple, really. Nobody forces you to do it and there are plenty to take your place.

If you think that dumping Gordon Brown close to the next general election is the answer, then I'd suggest that you don't understand the question.

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Praguetory said...

What's the question?