Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Unanswered Questions

On The Stirrer messageboard, I mentioned a little story from a local election campaign a few years ago.

(Then) Cllr Hemming was in search of corrupt practices by opposition parties and he happened upon a strange event, where he had reason to suspect two men of going door to door collecting postal votes. He photographed them in action and took the evidence straight to the local police station, closely followed by the men in question. There, the two groups exchanged views until the police got bored and suggested that they leave.

Clearly, John must have suspected them of something, but the odd thing is that those two men are now members of the Liberal Democrats.

Firstly, Martin Mullaney jumped in with a distracting and irrelevant story about how he and John first met, then John turned up and accused me of telling untruths
[the] comment has a nub of truth to it, but only a nub. Much of it is untrue. Martin and I (and a third individual) were indeed chased across part of Birmingham. However, not everything... said is true.

Now, I try to get things right here and wherever else I post, so if I've got it wrong and if my source has misled me, then I'm happy to put the record straight. So far, despite repeated requests and opportunities, Cllr Hemming has failed to point out any - let alone 'much' - untruth in the story.

I don't like being called a liar by anyone.

There's more detail to tell - and it might surprise you to know the subsequent careers of those two men.

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