Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The biter bit

Anyone who knows John Hemming knows that he is fond of heading to the law courts to sort things out - or at least threatening action, relying on his superior wealth to ensure that opponents back down.

It seems that he's met a possible match recently, as he has published a leaflet - yet to reach this corner of Yardley - where he attacks an individual who has refused to sell land to Tesco and is opposing the council's compulsory purchase order. Although the individual is not named, it is alleged that he is easily identifiable and has been defamed by John's claims.

I can't wait to read this exciting missive from my MP.
Lawyers acting for Malvern businessman Jeremy Knight-Adams are demanding Mr Hemming issues a public apology, makes a substantial payment to charity, and undertakes not to repeat the allegations in a speech he plans to make in Parliament.
John, meanwhile, continues to use his blog to threaten a speech in Parliament - using the protection of privilege - to say what he wants about Mr Knight-Adams. How much any proposed settlement could restrict the ability of an MP to speak in the House on any given subject is an interesting issue and it would seem that the 1689 Bill of Rights precludes any such gag on an MP in the House, as it states that
freedom of speech and debates or proceedings in Parliament ought not to be impeached or questioned in any place or court outside Parliament

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It is an interesting case.