Saturday, August 15, 2009

The biter frit?

As the Birmingham Post revealed earlier this week, John Hemming is under legal attack from a Malvern businessman who alleges that he has been libelled by a Liberal Democrat leaflet in Yardley. At that point, the leaflet hadn't reached this particular corner of Yardley - only a few hundred yards from the Tesco development.

As you can imagine, my excitement was barely contained until my copy arrived today, so imagine my disappointment when I discovered that there have been some editorial changes. In the place of the allegedly libellous text was a simple and uncontroversial passage.

During July, a public enquiry is taking / has taken place into compulsory purchase of land needed by Tesco for their supermarket at the Swan. We [the Lib Dems] are keen to see these outstanding issues resolved and an end to the derelict nature of the area. Cllr Dave Osborne, representing Yardley Lib Dems said "Yardley needs the jobs and improved shopping choice this project will provide. We have no hesitation in supporting Tescos [sic] proposals. We expect a positive response soon."
Nothing even remotely questionable there - apart from the clunky opening sentence.

So what could Mr Knight Adams have found so offensive?

Unless, of course, John has gone back on his promise not to be silenced and the leaflet has been edited. But that couldn't be the case, could it?

Mr Knight-Adams is trying to gag an MP. But I am not going to be gagged.

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john said...

You are right that the massively sensitive bit has been removed from the later leaflets.

They have tried to generally gag me. There was a bit in the leaflet which could have been misinterpreted and we have changed that - which was entirely fair.

I will ensure that what I say is accurate, but I will not agree to be gagged.