Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Although John Hemming accused me of lying on an internet forum, he has signally failed to identify a single error in my story below. I've expanded on it and asked the question as to whether either of the newly converted Liberal Democrats were now councillors.

Eventually, Cllr Martin Mullaney came clean
I took these photos in Small Heath in May 2004. No illegal activity was witnessed or photographed - however such was the level of fraud taking place within the inner city by the Labour Party, that the Liberal Democrats feared that the then PJP was also involved.After this incident, a dialogue was started between the Liberal Democrats and PJP, in which it was accepted that the PJP were not committing anything illegal and both parties agreed to work together to catalogue election fraud taking place by the Labour Party.

That doesn't answer the question as to what the undercover Mullaney and Hemming team - the UnProfessionals - actually did photograph and why they thought it necessary to visit the local nick down the road to start this 'dialogue' with the two opposition campaigners.

Nor why an MP decided to accuse me of being a liar without standing those accusations up.

Still, you get used to wild claims being thrown around by the Liberal Democrats.


john said...

You said:
"He photographed them in action and took the evidence straight to the local police station, closely followed by the men in question."

But I did not take the photos to the police as there was no evidence of wrongdoing.

That is one error.

PoliticalHack said...

But despite every opportunity, you refused to question my story - which still substantially stands. Actually, if we are nit picking, the photos were taken to the police station, as Martin's camera would have gone with you.

If you did not feel that you had uncovered something - why head to the police station?

john said...

Coming back to your original statement. We did not head to the police station to give them any photos whoever photographed them Martin or myself.

There was no evidence of wrongdoing.

You asked for me to find one thing wrong with your statement and that is one wrong thing.