Sunday, September 27, 2009

The BNP are liars shock

In Barking and Dagenham alone three weeks ago, there was a murder of a young girl. We don’t know who’s done it, her girlfriend was attacked inside an educational institute. Again, two weeks ago there was another attack by knives on the streets of Barking and Dagenham where two people were murdered.
So said BNP member of the GLA, Richard Barnbrook. If you don't believe me, have a glance at his video.

Unfortunately, the police report that there were no serious attacks of this sort in the three weeks prior to this report being posted on Youtube and elsewhere.

Barnbrook's defence was that his dyslexia and the loud background noise had led him to make what he described as 'unintentional inaccuracies,' but what you and I would describe less charitably as 'lies.'

Richard Barnbrook has now been suspended for one month as a Barking councillor, required to apologise to the GLA and will be sent for 'ethics training,' as he appears to think that this is a county to the north and east of London. Obviously, if he were to develop any signs of behaving ethically, he'd be required to resign from the BNP.

You will recall that this is the man who thought his 'art' video was not in the least bit homoerotic, even though it included
long scenes of men undressing and fondling each other, full-frontal nudity and a naked man apparently performing a sex act on another. There are also repeated scenes of flagellation in which a group of semi-naked men apparently whip a fourth semi-naked man senseless to the ground

and classic lines like
"Open-mouthed, I shall dream of altar boys."
Ahem. Nothing remotely suspect there. No. As Richard himself put it,

"It was an art film, end of story. It was not a bloody porn film,"
No. Of course not.

Just as oddly, Barnbrook sees no philosophical inconsistency for his demand that a Barking and Dagenham clergyman keeps out of the political issue of knife crime in the local community, but there's no reason why Barnbrook cannot jump into a debate in Germany about the siting of a mosque.

Anyway, back to Richard's more recent relationship with the truth. Details of the investigation are telling.
Mr Barnbrook said that he did not believe that he misled people as murders are happening. He was provided with a letter... from the Metropolitan Police Service in Barking and Dagenham which showed that there had been no murders in the period that he had asserted that there were and that the number of murders in [the area] were decreasing. Mr Barnbrook said that he did not trust the police figures... and had different figures which he would supply to the investigators. However, the evidence provided by Mr Barnbrook did not verify this.

Whoops. He carried on, though. Once he had sight of the draft report prepared by the investigators, he changed his story and said that
it had not been his intention to mislead anyone and the inaccuracies were unintentional.

Unfortunately for Richard and his web of deceit, he'd been clear with the investigators that
he knew that the statements were incorrect.

Trying to duck and dive when responding to the draft report, he decided that he hadn't actually meant murders...

he actually meant to say attempted murders and that this was not picked up in the editing of the recording. However, Councillor Rush in her response to the draft report provided new evidence from the Metropolitan Police to show that there had been no serious incidents in that period at all, which included anyone on life support. Mr Barnbrook in his meeting with investigators said that he knew at the time of the statement that they were on life support, and said in his response to the draft report that they were attempted murders.
Is it any surprise that he was found to have brought his office into disrepute?

Apparently, Nick Griffin wasn't too happy when the news reached his bunker.

Yes, I know that it is yet another Downfall parody. It just somehow seems right. (Hat tip to Andy Goff on The Stirrer)

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Thanks for that neat resumé. Well done, well written. An all-round good piece on a nasty piece of work.