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BNP attend neo-Nazi rally shocker

The BNP are often accused of being closet Nazis and they get really annoyed at this.

Odd that. Here's a picture of their now-deceased founder. He's the one on the left - or should that be slightly less right. Despite an increasing resemblance, that's not a picture of Nick Griffin on the wall.

So, given the frequent denials of the BNP leadership, the last place you'd ever expect to see a BNP official would be a neo-Nazi rally, yes? I mean, popping over to a fascist conference in Italy is one thing for these conflicted nationalists, but actually attending a neo-Nazi rally? Never.

Whoops. Here's the Midlands BNP organiser Mike Bell in the sunshine in Possneck, Germany in August attending a rock festival organised by the NPD. Perhaps he was just dropping by for a pint and a hot dog - sustenance on a hot day.

Oh. Seems he's brought a small delegation with him, to judge by their natty range of BNP-branded clothing. Still, it might just be a quick, passing visit.

Not looking good so far, is it?

Nope, this is Mike Bell topping the bill as a guest speaker at the German NPD's annual 'Fest der Volker' Celebration of the People is a closeish translation, although that doesn't really carry the full meaning of 'Volk.'

The NPD's own report provides some details of the event. It is in German and my translation skills are not what they were two decades hence when I completed my German A-Level, but I managed to glean something. The festival attracted an audience of around 500, hundreds of counter-demonstrators and around 700 police officers.

Unser Feind ist der Kapitalismus - Unsere Lösung Nationaler Sozialismus!
Our Enemy is Capitalism - Our Solution National Socialism

und der letzte Beitrag des Tages kam von BNP-Aktivist Mike Bell.
The last speech of the day came from BNP activist Mike Bell

Really - neo-Nazis should steer clear of putting 'solutions' to anything, as those words have a particular ring to them. That also seems a pretty clear confirmation that this bunch are indeed rather to the right of the centre. If you have any lingering doubts, look at the banner bedecking the stage and compare and contrast with this recruitment poster.

Striking similarity, wouldn't you say? So what about the organisers?

The NPD is the National Democratic Party of Germany and has been under constant investigation by the German government for being a threat to the constitution - these nutjobs worship Rudolf Hess as a martyr to the cause, so you can understand the concern. The German agency tasked with protecting the constitution comments on the NPD thus
The aggressive agitation of the NPD unabashedly aims towards the abolition of parliamentary democracy and the democratic constitutional state, although the use of violence is currently still officially rejected for tactical reasons. Statements of the NPD document an essential affinity with National Socialism; its agitation is racist, antisemitic, revisionist, and intends to disparage the democratic and lawful order of the constitution.

They wished Obama well for his presidency, announcing that he was elected by a 'Jewish-Negro alliance' and was out to destroy the white identity of the US.

Germany still maintains very strict laws about displaying anything relating to the Nazis - not a great surprise, to be honest. So when one of their local leaders - Jurgen Rieger - wore a Nazi uniform to be driven around in a Nazi staff car bedecked with Nazi propaganda, he ended up being prosecuted for this minor transgression. Rieger is now out to try to create a museum to the Nazi 'Strength through Joy' movement which extended Nazi Party control to leisure and travel in the pre-war years. He's also been blocked from using a rural hotel to start a training camp for young wannabe Nazis - German police had to storm the building after gunshots were reported. Jurgen is reported to be a great admirer of Oswald Mosley.

On 'The Stirrer,' Mike Bell tried to defend himself. He claimed that he hadn't seen a single Nazi while he was in Germany. This is true - he saw around 500 when he stood up on the stage, representing the BNP to a bunch of fascists. Next time Nick Griffin and his acolytes nauseate everyone by wrapping themselves in the Union flag and drawing upon memories of the Second World War, can someone ask them what side they would have been on in 1939? Allied or Nazi?

You can always be judged by the friends that you choose to keep.

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Anonymous said...

Since Nazis were National Socialists in the NSDAP party of the 1930/40s in Germany it is impossible for current Nationalists, especially those who are not German to be Nazis.
You could say "Nazi sympathisers", I suppose. Some are that but many BNP members really dislike the Nazis - so the stereotype is inaccurate.
British Nationalism is something very different from this historical movement and it is rather like drawing attention to an admiration of Napoleon in regards to its relevancy to the present day.