Thursday, September 10, 2009

What do you mean 'off the record'?

In the Naked Gun movie, Leslie Nielsen pops off to the loo and forgets that he has a live radio mic attached to his lapel, so broadcasting his performance to dignitaries and members of the press assembled for a briefing.

The lesson from that was that you treat every microphone and camera as live. Something that a Republican state assemblyman from the fine state of California - indeed the man who represents Yorba Linda, Tricky Dicky Nixon's old stomping ground - should have remembered. Michael Duvall had a fine record on family values, which was thoroughly broken when he revealed his predilection for liaisons with not one but two lobbyists and how much he enjoyed spanking one of them. This news came when he was discussing his extra-marital fun with a fellow-committee member, unfortunately for him in front of a live microphone.

Oh - he was also vice-chair (make up your own jokes there) of the "utilities committee" which was considering state legislation forcing energy suppliers to generate more using renewable sources. It is reported that one of the women was a lobbyist on behalf of the power industry.

Michael Duvall has now resigned with immediate effect.

The kind of news that Midlands Today doesn't bring you...

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