Friday, October 23, 2009

Ahhh, diddums.

"That was not a genuine Question Time, that was a lynch mob"

No, Nick. It wasn't. Lynch mobs kill people - the 'non-violent' KKK know how they work. Ask David Duke the next time you meet him. Griffin's whinging about how unfair Question Time was.

You were in front of a cross section of the British people, not an interviewer who is used to playing the game with proper politicians, not a bunch of your feeble-minded fascists and fantasists. For once, you were exposed and thoroughly bested by the British people - how much did that hurt you - the man who claims to speak for us? Even worse, a black immigrant woman destroyed you with dignity, disdain and pity. Dimbleby was on top form - the head teacher speaking quietly to a disruptive pupil and explaining just how much you have disappointed him.
Clearly you thought that you had scored points off Jack Straw by pointing out that his father - a conscientious objector - had been imprisoned for refusing to fight in the Second World War, while yours served in the RAF. Quite how that justifies your position or detracts from that of Jack isn't clear. You looked a twat - 'my dad's bigger than your dad' may work in the playground, but not in the field of politics. I do hope your father's proud that his son is so widely loathed. While we're talking about fathers, remember that David Dimbleby's father was present at Belsen just after liberation, so he saw just how 'Adolf went a bit too far.' And you wonder why he jumped down your throat for grinning like a loon?
Ah yes - the nervous giggling - I have never seen somebody so intimidated by being on a current affairs show as you, somebody who professes to be a politician. Scared were we? If you don't like the heat, stay out of the kitchen. You were pathetic and ridiculous.

So stop whinging that you were stitched-up and that the whole programme was a set-up. What did you expect to be the main subject of the programme on the first occasion that the leader of a deeply divisive and controversial political party is allowed to appear? Of course you were challenged - there's so much about you to question. You just refused to answer so many of them - declining an offer of immunity from the Secretary of State for Justice to allow you to explain your beliefs (past or present) about the Holocaust by making vague and unfounded excuses about being prevented by the law.

Your lies were exposed and you looked a fool trying to claim misquotation or even just flat out denying what you said on video. Yup - this is the video that Dimbles was talking about yesterday, with Chairman Griffin at an 'American Friends of the BNP' meeting, promising that his true nature will out just as soon as the BNP have control of the British media - then the real racial fun can start. You claimed that you were just trying to get through to people to convert them from David Duke's evil ways - but that was a fund-raising gig, wasn't it? You were after their money - so you either told them the truth about what you and your nasty friends want or you lied to get money out of them, telling them what you know they want to hear.
"The British National Party isn't about selling out its ideas - which are your ideas too"
How bad do you have to be for the staunchly-right wing Daily Express to run this kind of headline? Even the Daily Mail - still reeling from the Jan Moir gaybashing article last week, gave you a spanking on the front page. Although, given that it is the Daily Mail, that weekly column could still be offered to you.
Still, we know that your fellow-travellers and nutjobs will believe the lie that you triumphed and showed everyone the one true way. But then they've believed your lies in the past. I'm sure that some more will cleave to you because of your status last night as the victim, having virtually everyone in the room ganging up on you, but I hope that a few more will see your incompetence and bigotry for what it is.
However - here's the fear that I have.
Somewhere, there might just be a future leader of the BNP who is being very clever about moving up the ranks - he or she won't be making inflammatory statements in public or private meetings and won't have the baggage that Griffin does. Maybe I'm worrying too much about that - would it even be possible for someone to rise to the top of the BNP without leaving a trail of Holocaust denial and casual racism behind them?
Cassetteboy has a different view of the Griffin performance - summing it up in about a minute.

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Fascist complains about lynching? Satire is dead.