Monday, October 05, 2009

Another glance of the future

These 'New Conservatives' have really been knocking back the strong stuff produced by the neo-Cons across the pond, haven't they?

We've had the massive injection of funds from Milord Ashcroft (exactly WHERE does he pay taxes or have his place of residence?) into target constituencies where the candidate promises to follow Ashcroft's party line. He's now bought the previously non-aligned Politics Home website and the slightly more partisan Conservative Home. Purchasing the former caused an exodus of the non-Tory contributors dismayed at the new ownership and now gives the Tories control of a couple of internet powerhouses.

We've had their plans to impose political influence on the police, demonstrated by Boris' dismissal of the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police and their triumphalism at taking control - although the police are fighting back. The plans for elected sheriffs would just make things much, much worse and any dedicated fan of The Wire is well aware of the effects of a politicised police service - although that's not the lesson Chris Grayling wants you to take from the programme.

Last week, we saw them demanding more Tories at the BBC. Jeremy Hunt, their shadow culture secretary threatened

I wish they would go and actively look for some Conservatives to be part of their news-gathering team

And to ensure balance, let's make sure that we have some Lib Dems and find a BNP member or two as well. Isn't putting Boris on Eastenders enough? That's exactly the recipe required to ensure that the BBC maintains an excellent record of independence. Quite how the BBC is supposed to recruit more Tories without compromising equalities legislation isn't fully explained. Needless to say, Jezza quickly reversed his comment, but the seed has been laid about the future of British Broadcasting.

Are we about to face another burst of Tory whinging about supposed BBC bias? Norman Tebbit made a speciality of that during the 80s and we know that the right in the US make great play of the bias of the 'liberal media' over there, although the evidence is that there is no such bias at all. Indeed, the network that trumpets itself as 'fair and balanced' is Fox News, which has proven to be neither.

So will this lot actually be as controlling as Thatcher?

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Richard Allen said...

Of course this lot will be controlling. All governments are.

Your party have had 12 years + of enjoying/abusing power and from next May it will be the Tories turn.