Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Broken Britain? We don't say that.

'We don't talk about Broken Britain'

David Cameron - BBC Radio 4 Today Programme, 8:21am, 6 October 2009

Oh. Really?

'To fix broken Britain we shall start at school'
David Cameron - September 2007

'all on the rise in Labour's Broken Britain'
David Cameron - January 5 2009

'Nothing seems to antagonise the politicians of the left more than Conservatives talking about progressive politics and Broken Britain'
Chris Grayling - August 25 2009

'we can no longer afford to ignore the implications of Broken Britain'
Grant Shapps - September 1 2009

'create the responsible society and fix broken Britain'

David Cameron - Foreword to 'Repair - Social Reform' October 2 2008

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