Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dave dithers over debate

Only a few weeks ago, Dave was accusing Gordon of dithering over whether to face him in a televised debate.
"People want more than the brief exchange of questions they get at Wednesday lunchtime. They want to see the leaders of the main political parties talking in detail about the issues that matter to them, setting out the policies on offer, and opening themselves up to public scrutiny"

Now, it seems that it is Dave who is frit. Gordon and Nick Clegg are happy to do a series of debates, but Cameron only wants one. He certainly doesn't want a debate on the economy where Vince Cable and Alistair Darling can chew Gideon Osborne into so many chunky kibbles and spit out what's left - because they will. The Torygraph tries to spin it as all the leaders squabbling, but the main body of the story reveals that it is Dave who is now putting up the barriers, scared that detailed examination of the policies might break through the thin veneer on top to reveal the yawning emptiness beneath, threatening the Conservative victory.

Soundbites won't be enough, Dave. Let's see some substance.

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