Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday quiz - Lib Dem or BNP?

If none of you are aware there is a proposal to build 17 flats to be used for people with "issues" , mainly homeless people , this could well include, peadophiles, convicted rapists, drug adicts and alcoholics etc this is to be built on the old Dan O'Connel Pub site right opposite East Park Nursery, Infants and Juniors plus the surrounding old people living in the area, several shops owners have said if it goes ahead they will not be renewing there leases has its causes a demtremental effect when the gyspies are there so this would be huge!...

A meeting was held on the 8th October and out of there own mouths they said they cannot garrantee that there will not be any peadophiles etc living opposite the school...

Also just to clarify no one as as problem if its to be used for people with disabilities, learning difficulites or old people and even women running away from abusive relationships but this group of people was not even mentioned it was more focused on the rougher end of the scale reguarding hostels and like i said to them without generalising the majoirty of people that live in hostels tend to be hyped up on heroin or drinking tennant's super at 8 in the morning! i personally dont want to be threatened or harrassed by such at 9 in the morning when i have a my 3 yrd old in the pram and my elder two with me!

(sic) (sick)
Is this piece of bile posing as a Facebook campaign run by
  • a - the BNP or
  • b - a Liberal Democrat council candidate?

Surprisingly, this shameful bit of populist bigotry is on a Facebook group co-administered by one Daniel Patrick Friel, who is also - amazingly enough - the Liberal Democrat candidate for East Park ward in Wolverhampton. I don't think he wrote it himself - the text on his website is slightly more literate - but he is still one of the two admins and must share responsibility for what is written on the site.

Unusually, this sees me allying with mild-mannered PragueTory who revealed the link on The Stirrer.

Local campaigns on planning issues - even on matters like this - are perfectly acceptable, but the tone used in that particular campaign is grossly offensive. The title says it all

No to the building of Halfway Houses for Scumbags opposite East Park School

In a typical Liberal Democrat commitment to free speech and democratic engagement, they close with

Also if your part of the PC Brigade please don't bother joining or posting saying they have the right to second chances and they have human rights and spouting this group is out of order etc.. your posts and yourself will be removed and blocked from the group!

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