Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Meet Terry. Out of context.

I play hardball with the media. One way is to meet them and have it out across the table. If that doesn't work we withhold advertising budgets, or use the press complaints process. I liken the relationship to that of the schoolyard bully. You don't get a bully to stop by negotiation; you knock them down first and then you're on equal terms.

Terry Brownbill, late of The Super Soaraway Sun, now advising Birmingham City Council on media relations. (Hat tip to The Stirrer).

Apparently, the quote was 'taken out of context.'

That's always a believable defence.

This is the same 'media expert' who didn't think that Adrian Goldberg (editor of The Stirrer) or Channel Four News (by some distance the best evening news programme on British TV) qualified as media eligible for entry to the briefing on the scrutiny committee report that slammed Birmingham Social Services on Monday.

The decision was also taken to exclude elected members and two local MPs, which is entirely unacceptable behaviour - although Lib Dem John Hemming now claims to have had a separate briefing from council officers.

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john said...

A briefing was offered. I agreed to have it informally. I was, after all, the only MP to give any evidence to the scrutiny committee.

Khalid didn't want a briefing.