Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nothing British about the BNP

Certainly not.

Even though this new campaign appears to have a number of Tories leading it, you can't argue with the main thrust of their argument.

The BNP have wrapped themselves in the Union flag to a degree quite unlike any other party. Just as the flag of St George has unwelcome associations with far-right groups, the BNP also want to acquire the Union flag as part of the symbology. Part of that means that they also want to try to embed themselves into key historical events in this nation's history - like the Second World War.

Then, Britain did stand as the last outpost of sanity in Europe, against a continent dominated and subjugated by a fascist ideology. The BNP featured a Spitfire - an iconic symbol of the Battle of Britain - in their campaign material. Ironically, of course, the Spitfire chosen was flown by a Polish expatriate pilot who was serving in the RAF as a means to get back at the loathed Nazi invaders. During the Battle of Britain, 303 Polish Squadron was the deadliest Hurricane-equipped unit in the Royal Air Force and the pilots were renowned for their courage and sheer determination to take down German aircraft by any means.

The greater irony is that while the BNP claim to celebrate the heroes who served this country, they can still find time to send their party officers across to Germany to speak at a rally run by a neo-Nazi group that particularly celebrates Hitler's onetime deputy, Rudolf Hess. As their sort were interned during the war, you have to ask yourself - whose side would Griffin and co have been on?

Because it wouldn't have been ours.

Nick hasn't forgotten the war - oh no. He threatens the senior officers who spoke against the misappropriation of our military history with war crime
"Those Tory generals who today attacked the British National Party should remember that at the Nuremburg Trials, the politicians and generals accused of waging illegal aggressive wars were all charged - and hanged - together"
He pulled back on that later in the day, deciding that those sort of threats were just his little joke. He just can't help himself, old Nick. He's just that kind of guy - a smile, a song and a racially offensive taunt.

Griffin is still wearing his little poppy emblem, despite repeated requests by the British Legion not to politicise the logo. He claims that he will take it off when the Legion launches a campaign to give injured servicemen in Selly Oak hospital free access to TV. We're used to having BNP officials lie - Barnbrook invented murders to suit his political agenda and Griffin has done the same. Why let petty things like facts get in the way of his opinions?

A spokeswoman said the patient welfare fund at the hospital paid for TV cards for the soldiers, who were given a £10 card every three days. She said pay-as-you-go internet access was also provided to military patients on request. "If a military patient has any reason to pay for TV cards or [internet access] out of their own pocket, they are reimbursed," she said.

But, if Griffin can deny the Holocaust - as he did a decade ago - then a simple little lie about wounded servicemen in a Birmingham hospital isn't stretching his belief too far.

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Caledonian Comment said...

All the current hysteria about Griffin and his knuckle-dragging BNP will blow over soon enough. Let him go on Question Time and make a prat of himself. Mainstream politicians musn't fall into the trap of underestimating the common sense of the electorate and trying to muzzle Griffin. That will only increase his constituency by default. The fresh air of debate and ridicule will see him off.