Sunday, October 11, 2009

Parlez-vous francais?

Apparently, the Taxpayers' Alliance - that self-appointed guardian of public spending - has a director who is so closely involved with British tax affairs that he lives in a farmhouse in the Loire and hasn't paid a penny to the HMRC in three decades. This means that he even missed the tax-slashing antics of the last Conservative admininstration.

Three years ago, I dug through the published records of the TPA and uncovered their very close links to the Midlands Industrial Council, but there is another group keeping tabs on this shadowy group - The Other TaxPayers' Alliance - and they are trying to identify how this group is funded to carry out dubious research and get it into the press with a fake veneer of independence. This is a very opaque organisation which is making the maximum use of public information in pursuit of a particular political agenda - a Tory one.

I consider this group to be nothing less than a front organisation for the Conservative Party and John Prescott is exactly right to be calling for the BBC - and other media organisations - to issue a health warning when the TPA is described on air.

Interesting, isn't it, how many non-UK taxpayers seem to feel some right to intervene in UK politics, demanding their choice of representation for our taxation?

Aside from the TPA, chief amongst them is Lord Ashcroft, whose current tax status remains unclear, but who maintains tight control over the campaigns operation at Conservative Party HQ. Is it right that the man who wants to be our next PM is likely to be deeply in hock to a foreign resident?

And don't forget Guido Fawkes, who paddles in the sewers of British politics and peddles his brand of propaganda and abuse from the safety of the Irish Republic.

They all seem to push an agenda of small government and slashed taxes - fine for them, as they won't need the public services that this will affect. This group of individuals has an impact on British politics massively in excess of anything that they have a right to expect and much of what they do is done under the banner of non-partisan activity.

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