Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Public sector opinion

Tom Reynolds writes one of the great blogs, telling it like it is at the very front line of emergency medical care. So when he writes, people should listen.
Dear prospective Conservative government.
Please fuck off you bunch of evil shitbags - all your expenses claiming, chauffeur-driven, second home owning membership should be ashamed of yourself.
Work longer, get paid less?
True, this doesn't compare to the plans of the past where you wanted to tattoo HIV positive people and put them in concentration camps but what sort of effect do you think this will have on the recruitment and retention of public sector workers?

But then - perhaps that's the idea! Increase natural wastage to save on redundancies (granted that the best and the brightest will be the first out the door to take the private sector shilling).

Tom we're all in this together. If you and five million other public sector workers have to take a real terms pay cut, that's worth it. Without your very real sacrifice, how else is Gideon going to be able to back up that promised £1 billion tax cut for 3000 families? Obviously, taking tax breaks away from millions of middle-income families will help, as will making sure that we all have to work longer, but you need to face up to your obligation to bear your share of the pain.

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