Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Something smells bad

District Judge Quentin Purdy said Clement had "fragrantly and arrogantly" abused public money

Boris really should be more careful with his choice of senior staff. How many has he had to discard so far? It looks like a revolving door should be fitted to their offices.
  • Ray Lewis - resigned after an investigation was launched into financial irregularities and behaviour towards others
  • Tim Parker - resigned after it was decided that he held too many positions for an unelected official
  • James McGrath - sacked chief political advisor who suggested that older Afro-Caribbean residents should go back to the Caribbean if they were unhappy living in a Tory controlled city
  • David Ross - resigned as Olympics advisor after it was revealed that he had used £160 million worth of Carphone Warehouse shares to guarantee personal loans

Starting to look a lot like carelessness, Boris.

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