Saturday, November 07, 2009

Clive who? It was all me. Me, I tell you!

How long before the grand statues are erected of the Dear Leader?

Clearly, Mike has been stung by some of the criticisms over the delay in replacing the upper tier of the regeneration directorate and he wants to clear up the details. It was him wot dun it all. Everything that has happened has been because of his clear vision and brilliant ideas.
"Our regeneration momentum has not ceased since Clive left. I am still getting direct approaches from investors who want to come to Birmingham... There has been no cessation, no contraction in interest in the city of Birmingham, in fact it is increasing. I enjoyed working with Clive, he was my friend. He made a significant contribution to Birmingham, but he did have privileged access to me in a way that many other council officers did not.”

Surely, the next step would be to fire all of the directors, because with Mike's abilities, he can do all of their jobs before breakfast.

Actually, if Newham want to put in a bid for Cllr Whitby, we're up for a transfer offer.

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