Monday, November 02, 2009


Life is all about priorities.

I mean - when you have a begging letter from the local cricket club asking for £20 million to part finance their ground reconstruction or a £14 million shortfall in social services funding for this year, what are you supposed to do?

Monday's Cabinet meeting sees both these items on the agenda and the answer will be - shaft the unemployed by taking £14 million out of government funding designed to tackle that problem AND pump £20 million into the Edgbaston redevelopment.

And don't worry about the pending judicial review...

This is from a fan of the Bears, who wants to see international cricket continue at Edgbaston (although the prices are VERY steep), but just thinks that this year, Birmingham City Council should probably spend our money on a more deserving cause.

(Yes, I know that the money comes from a different pot, but the point holds.)

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john said...

The point doesn't hold as you well know.

Even if it was a capital spend rather than a loan it is not something which would balance the revenue books.

Furtermore the unemployed haven't been shafted.