Monday, November 30, 2009

'Red' Dawkins on the loose again

Another company, another outing for interventionist, big-state Nigel Dawkins, Conservative candidate for Selly Oak, who appeared on the Politics Show to give us the benefit of his years of experience in industry. If you recall, Nigel proposed earlier this year that the government should have bought Jaguar Land Rover.

He kicked off by accusing the Labour MPs who have signed the Early Day Motion to keep Cadbury in Birmingham of "gesture politics", then criticising the seven Labour MPs who haven't signed (actually six, as the honorable member for Ladywood no longer takes the government whip) for not joining in this gesture. I note that the only serving Tory MP in Birmingham, Andrew Mitchell, hasn't signed either.

When challenged to actually say what he would do, he can't think of an appropriate gesture and so waffles about the lack of support from the government for manufacturing, demonstrating that he doesn't understand the issue. Cadbury isn't in trouble financially - it is doing rather well at the moment and that's the reason other companies want to buy it. Dawkins then tells us that
"in manufacturing there are no good takeovers"

Although Lynne Jones challenges him to say specifically what the government should do, Nigel fails to tell us how the government should apply the brakes to the free market in share ownership so popularised by the last Tory government. Floundering out of his depth, he remembers that the M6 is a disgrace. I'm not entirely sure how the condition of the M6 actually affects the Cadbury's share price, but I'm sure Nigel will enlighten us in due course.

Perhaps the government should buy Cadburys too.

I rather suspect that on this performance, the voters of Selly Oak will make a gesture towards Mr Dawkins.

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