Monday, November 09, 2009

The Sun sinks ever lower.

We know that the Sun doesn't like us any more. We've got that message. You don't like us so much that you are even prepared to gag Trevor Kavanagh over Europe. Fine.

But to see them fashion the tragic death of a soldier into a vicious attack on the Prime Minister is disgraceful.

As is well known, Gordon Brown lost the use of one eye following an incident playing rugby when he was in his teens - he's lucky to have any sight at all, but the remaining eye isn't brilliant, functioning only at around 30% vision, so he writes with a thick black pen to give a clear contrast to ensure the letters are legible. If you see him at the despatch box, you can sometimes see that his notes are written with an even thicker pen for ease of speed reading. I respect him immensely for taking the time to write to the families who have lost someone in service of the country - it can be no small task and it is taken seriously. Iain Dale - no friend of Gordon - confirms that not only does he hand-write the letters, but he seals them himself so they are posted without his office checking them. It is a small measure of tribute that he does this personally, rather than producing a standard letter and just signing it.

I do hope that the Sun editorial team feel good about this - abusing a mother's grief to fuel a nasty, personal campaign.

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Al Widdershins said...

How shocking that the Murdoch press would sink so low. Shocked. I. Am. Deeply. Deeply. Shocked.