Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tomorrow belongs to meeeee

Some Tories accuse us of fighting a class war.

Reading this piece from Prospect (hat tip to Tom Watson) - I'm not sure whether we started it.

The ghost of Christmas present:
For a political party that professes itself horrified that the pre-election debate is being framed in class terms, the young Tories seem remarkably fixated on the issue. “Sorry, did you just say I was a commoner? Fuck off and die!”—is the punch-line to one bit of drunken joshing
Tim is such a common name…” one of the smokers is saying. He checks himself, not wanting to offend the Tim in question: “sorry, not, you know, common… I mean ‘popular’.”
“Yah but your surname is Jenkins,” his friend says through a mouthful of teeth. “That’s such a butler’s name!”
“Jenkiiiiiiins!!” They all boom happily at once, summoning an imaginary servant and the ghost of Conservative past at the same time

The ghost of Christmas past:

He pauses. “Well, I like these kinds of parties obviously! God… can you imagine what a Labour version of this would be like?”
“Well,” his friend replies, “there’d be a lot more ethnic minorities for one thing.”

“Oh really?” the other replies. “I thought the Labour party was trying to make itself seem more respectable!”

And the ghost of Christmas yet to come.
“Don’t get me wrong, Cameron is… necessary. But George Osborne: now he’s the bloody man,” one of them replies, supported by a cascade of floppy-haired nods.
We’re not personally going to be in power just yet. But give it ten years.
As they say, don't have nightmares. Sleep well.

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Anonymous said...

So you're not denying fighting a class war, just arguing who started it.

He started it, no she started it.

A better man would be able to rise above it.